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JConsole is a management console framework that can be used to radically simplify the development of simple management tools

By using the framework, you gain all the advantages of having a consistent interface, without the development overhead of actually having to develop that framework for your one piece of management software.

There are several plugins already written for JConsole, some of these are listed below.

  • SQL Toolkit - JConsole has plugins that can analyse the schema of a target database and provide many timesaving hints while programming in SQL
  • Look and Feel - New look and feels can be easily integrated into JConsole
  • BCP Transfer Wizard - Simply and easily transfer data between environments which support BCP (Bulk Copy). Soon to be extended to support Oracle Import.
  • Database Monitor - Monitor Sybase and Oracle databases at the click of a button.

    Although there is currently a focus on Sybase and Oracle, this is done by an independant DBMS layer. Each plugin component has no knowledge of the underlying DBMS.

    If you have Java Web Start installed, select the web start page link from the sidebar

    Current developers
    Ben Walding